"Die Musik drückt das aus, was nicht gesagt werden kann und worüber zu schweigen unmöglich ist."
Victor Hugo
Come on girl, we can write our story, fill our backpacks hit the road for glory We got PBJ's and some gator aid, got a full tank of gas - just got paid Who cares what some people may say, let destiny and love carry ...
Matt Zarley - I Will Always Love You
Helene Fischer - Atemlos Durch Die Nacht
Dalida - Salma Ya Salama
Miley Cyrus - Jolene
DJ Aron & Beth Sacks - What's Up
Sunrise Avenue - You Can Never Be Ready
Touch Of Class - You Raise Me Up
Cheb Khaled - C'Est La Vie
Haddaway - What Is Love
Modern Talking - Lady Lai
Kerstin Ott - Scheissmelodie
Modern Talking - One In A Million
Samantha Fox - Touch Me - I Want Your Body
Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
Thomas Anders - Lunatic Lady
You don't know me, I don't know you - That's what we tell ourself inside of our little headsWe could never love again - You don't know me, I don't know youThat's what it's gonna be if you let yourself get in the way - Of...
Thomas Anders - Der Beste Tag Meines Lebens
Red Marlow - The Dance
Imagine Dragons - Thunder

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