SCE / 2007.09 - Remembrance Of Things Past 1

Remembrance Of Things Past 1
The da Vinci is sent to Icaria Prime, where a team of archaeologists - aided by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Lieutenant Christine Vale of the Starship Enterprise - have found what may be the Krialta, a legendary Gretharan object from the time before they were wiped out by the Letheans.

Tags: Terri Osborne Remembrance Of Things

SCE / 2007.06 - Signs From Heaven

Star Trek - SCE - Signs From Heaven
For a century, the Cloud City of Stratos that hovers over Ardana has been abandoned, left only as a curiosity and a museum piece following the brutal civil war between the City Dwellers and the Troglytes.

Tags: Phaedra M Weldon

SCE / 2007.01 - The Light

Relaunching the adventures of the U.S.S. da Vinci, as Captain David Gold, Commander Sonya Gomez, and the rest of Starfleet's miracle workers solve the problems of the galaxy, one disaster at a time.

Tags: Jeff D Jaques

SCE / 2006.12 - Turn The Page

Turn The Page
Relaunching the adventures of the U.S.S. da Vinci, as Captain David Gold, Commander Sonya Gomez, and the rest of Starfleet's miracle workers solve the problems of the galaxy, one disaster at a time.

Tags: Dayton Ward Kevin Dilmore

SCE / 059 - Blackout

When a Federation world suffers a planet-wide blackout, it's the S.C.E. to the rescue. While Commander Gomez and her crack team of engineers work to help keep the planet from falling into chaos, the ship's linguist, Bart Faulwell,

Tags: Phaedra M Weldon

SCE / 058 - Honor

While repairing an observation post, P8 Blue and Domenica Corsi find themselves caught in the middle of an interplanetary conflict on a pre-warp civilization - with one side unwilling to fight, even to defend themselves.

Tags: Kevin Killiany

SCE / 057 - Out Of The Cocoon

Centuries ago, the S.S. Mariposa transported two sets of colonists - one a "back-to-nature" group called the Bringloidi, the other a collection of scientists - to new worlds.

Tags: William Leisner

SCE / 056 - Wounds 2

Trapped on a strange world, Dr. Elizabeth Lense finds herself aiding the Jabari freedom fighters as their new medic, working with equipment she finds primitive on people wounded in their fight against the Kornak.

Tags: Ilsa J Bick

SCE / 055 - Wounds 1

While traveling to a medical conference, the Runabout Missouri encounters a strange anomaly that sends the runabout crashing to the surface of an unknown planet, leaving its two passengers - Dr. Elizabeth Lense of the U.S.S. da Vinci

Tags: Ilsa J Bick Wounds

SCE / 054 - Security

When a new security guard reports for duty, it sets da Vinci security chief Domenica Corsi off in ways that confuse both her staff and her sometime lover Fabian Stevens. When Stevens confronts her, it only makes matters worse - until Corsi takes Stevens into her confidence...

Tags: Keith RA DeCandido

SCE / 053 - Fables Of The Prime Directive

Until the Dominion War, the pre-warp civilization on Coroticus III was under observation by the Federation - and then the Dominion moved in. Forced to abandon the planet - and leave a person behind - Starfleet does not return until after the war is over and the Dominion has pulled out.

Tags: Cory Rushton

SCE / 052 - Identity Crisis

The da Vinci is returning to Hidalgo Station, a run-down old spacedock that has seen better decades, in order to pick up Commander Sonya Gomez from a much-needed shore leave. But when they arrive they find that Gomez has taken the station hostage,

Tags: John J Ordover

SCE / 051 - Lost Time

Almost a year after the S.C.E. crew on the da Vinci helped Lieutenant Nog of Deep Space 9 salvage the hulk of DS9's sister station Empok Nor, a booby trap left behind by the Androssi threatens the Bajoran system.

Tags: Ilsa J Bick

SCE / 048 - Creative Couplings 2

The practical jokes aboard the holodeck re-creation of the prototype vessel Hyperion have taken a turn for the deadly - the fail-safes have been overridden, and Stevens, Tev, and a shipload of cadets, one of whom is probably responsible for their predicament,

Tags: Aaron Rosenberg Glenn Haumann

SCE / 047 - Creative Couplings 1

Fabian Stevens thought he was doing an old friend a favor by helping her and some eager young Starfleet Academy cadets test a new prototype vessel. There's a practical joker among the cadets, but Stevens figures that will just keep everyone on their toes...

Tags: Aaron Rosenberg Glenn Haumann

SCE / 046 - Spin

The S.C.E. thought it would be a simple task: a derelict vessel heading straight for the inhabited world of Locra needs to be diverted to avoid catastrophe. However, the derelict isn't as easy to deflect as it would seem - the S.C.E. team must

Tags: J Steven York Christina F York

SCE / 043 - Paradise Interrupted

For centuries, Risa has been the garden spot of the Alpha Quadrant, the place to go for rest, relaxation, and recreation. When the S.C.E. crew of the U.S.S. da Vinci learn their latest assignment is to Risa, they expect to find themselves in paradise.

Tags: John S Drew

SCE / 042 - Sargasso Sector

The assignment seemed mundane enough: clearaway a "junk pile" of abandoned ships that are adrift in a region of space that is in the way of a convoy of colony vessels en route to a new world. But the S.C.E.'s missions never stay routine for very long...

Tags: Paul Kupperberg

SCE / 041 - Bitter Medicine

Bitter Medicine
A routine salvage operation becomes a desperate rescue mission, as the U.S.S. da Vinci encounters a failing abandoned ship - that isn't so abandoned!

Tags: Dave Galanter

SCE / 040 - Failsafe

When a cultural observation probe malfunctions and crash-lands on a pre-warp world, the S.C.E. is sent in to destroy it before the technology falls into the hands of a civilization not prepared for it.

Tags: David Mack

SCE / 039 - Grand Designs

Grand Designs
Tensions between two planets in the Rhaax system have abated to the point where the sides have agreed to disarmament. The S.C.E. crew on the U.S.S. da Vinci is sent along with a Federation diplomat to act as weapons inspectors to make sure that the terms of the cease-fire and disarmament are followed. But soon the S.C.E.

Tags: Dayton Ward Kevin Dilmore

SCE / 038 - Orphans

A colony ship careens out of control through space on the border between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. A joint rescue mission made up of both Klingon and Starfleet engineers is sent to investigate. But the S.C.E. team from the U.S.S. da Vinci

Tags: Kevin Killiany

SCE / 035 - The Demon 1

The Demon 1
What begins as a simple investigation of a peculiar subspace signal leads to an errand of mercy, as the da Vinci responds to a distress call - from the edge of a black hole! Hundreds of years ago, the Resaurians placed a station near the event horizon, forever teetering on the edge of the abyss, and now the S.C.E. must find a way to rescue them.

Tags: Loren Coleman Randall N Bills

SCE / 032 - Buying Time

Buying Time
An investigation into a chroniton disturbance leads the da Vinci to a time-travelling Ferengi named Lant - one who is going to the past in order to "speculate" and make a fortune.

Tags: Andy Mangels Michael A Martin

SCE / 022 - War Stories 2 / 022 - Kriegsgeschichten 2

Kriegsgeschichten 2
Immer noch ist Aufseher Biron in die Aufzeichnungen der Abenteuer seiner Gegner von der U.S.S. da Vinci vertieft: In der Schlacht bei Chin’toka hat die Föderation ein kleines Raumfahrzeug erbeutet, das sich im Inneren eines Jem’Hadar-Kriegsschiffs befand.

Tags: Susanne Picard

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